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Dear Friends                                                                                            September 2017

We all know that New Year is in January but for many of us it’s really in September! That’s because, in some way or another, we’re linked with children and therefore with school. And, as we know, the school year always starts in September. So, although we’re three quarters of the way through the year, we’re thinking about new beginnings.

For some this is an exciting thought, for others a bit scary and, perhaps for most, a bit of both. Spare a thought and a prayer, though, for those who find this time absolutely terrifying. Now quite how exciting or scary this new beginning is depends, at least in part, on how well we have prepared. If you already have an idea of what is going to happen, you can let the excitement rule. If you really don’t have a clue, the fears can leave no room for excitement at all.

But preparation isn’t the only factor here; support can make all the difference in the world. Knowing that you’re not on your own or that you’ve got someone you can always turn to, is, perhaps, the most reassuring thing in the world if you’re facing changes in your life. Schools take great care nowadays to provide both preparation and support for children, especially when they start or change school. I wish they’d done this when I went through my many changes of school!

But new beginnings should be nothing new for Christians because we live in the power of the greatest new beginning the world has ever known! I’m talking, of course, about the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the first Easter Day. That event marked a new start for all those who are willing to step out in faith and follow Jesus – a new start that leads to eternal life and the knowledge that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Not for nothing did St Augustine call us the Easter People.

But Easter Day isn’t just about celebration. When Jesus rose from the dead, he gave his disciples a job to do; to go and spread the good news by word and deed. Notice that, we’re not just to tell people the good news, we’re to live out the good news by demonstrating God’s love in action. All sorts of activities have their part to play here from coffee mornings to prayer groups – but never forget good old-fashioned neighbourliness!

I didn’t mention services in Church but in many ways, they are our ‘shop window’. What we do in Church has a big impact on how people see us. And all of us can help here too. Watch out for information on training this month to show you how you can help in running our services.

God Bless

Rev Mike



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