Letter from our Vicar

Letter from our Team of Clergy and Readers -June 2018(Continued from Home Page)

Also, in the last four or five weeks I have been in half a dozen families where there is grief because someone has died.  Hearing the stories of their loved ones, I have been reminded once more of the extra ordinariness of ordinary people.  Time and again I hear of people who have made a difference for the better in their families, their communities, their professions, and even the life of the nation.  We live in a culture which seems obsessed by “celebrity”, fame and wealth.  However, if we pause and think, we recognize the real celebrities are actually in our midst. They are the ones who make a difference in unsung and humble ways.  I think of the grandmother whose effect on all generations of her family have been so positive for their wellbeing or, in some cases, the fortitude and courage bourn with no self-pity as someone is dying.  There are those whose professional achievements in the world of technology and diplomacy have had positive effects beyond the bounds of this nation and all achieved with great modesty.

In this present age we seem to have lost the sense of wonder and take too much for granted. We could learn from the toddler who, finding something in the garden, is excited and wonderstruck by his/her discovery.  Let us not be distracted by a world which seeks to bring all the negative and alarming aspects of life to our attention.  All of us need to rediscover and reclaim a sense of wonder in our daily living.  There is so much around us that is truly wonder full, both in the world of nature and indeed among those with whom we share the human journey.  Let us look for the signs of wonder and rejoice in them so that we are “lost in wonder love and praise”.  This will help us to have vision, energy, and confidence to be agents of transformation in both our personal and community lives.

-Michael Irving