World War One Memorial

World War One Memorial

The memorial to those local men and women who served in The Great War is situated in St Peter's Chapel, at the North-East end of the church building. 

World War 1 memorial names

There are sixteen wooden panels on the south wall of St. Peter's Chapel recording the names of all those men of Painswick who fought in World War 1. Those who died in action are recorded on the centre panels with their names highlighed in gold.



List of Names

Left – six panels


Gerrish, Frederick

Pearce, Herbert Edward

Adams, Arthur Edward

Gibbs, Henry M

Perrins, Arthur

Baddeley, Edmund L O

Goddard, Hugh M

Ridler, James

Barnfield, Charles

Goddard, Thomas G

Ridler, Richard

Barnfield, Ernest C

Goodchild, Wyndham

Russell, Joseph H

Barnfield, Joseph Ezra

Gwinnett, Harold W

Ryland, Albert

Bartlett, Reginald

Gyde, Alfred Ernest

Ryland, Louis F

Bayliss, Frank

Gyde, Arthur

Ryland, Thomas Henry

Bayliss, John

Gyde, Edmund

Scrivens, Harry

Beard, Job

Gyde, Frederick W

Scrivens, Sidney

Birt, Ernest Sidney

Gyde, William Henry

Scrivens, William C

Birt, George William

Gyde, William S

Seddon, John Wilfred

Birt, Harold John

Hale, William Gilbert

Seddon, Richard D

Birt, Harry Harold

Harding, Percival

Spring, Arthur John

Birt, William Ewart

Hollister-Short, John

Spring, Thomas Henry

Bridgeman, Ernest John

Howard, Francis

Steele, John

Bridgeman, Walter

Howell, Herbert

Swain, Cecil Wilfred

Canter, Thomas William

Ireland, George H

Swain, Ernest Harold

Cole, Frank Stanley

Ireland, Percy

Swain, William

Cooke, Arthur W

Ireland, William A

Swayne, George W

Cooke, Francis G

Jones, Frederick A

Tranter, William H

Cooke, Herbert William

King, Arthur James

Trow, Ernest

Cooke, Maurice D E

King, Joseph L

Trow, Frank

Daniels, Frank

King, Maurice

Trow, William

Daniels, Herbert

Marsland, Ellis Russell

Westcott, John E

Daniels, John Skinner

Marsland, Kenneth D

Wichard, John

Davies, William

Marsland, Rupert H

Wright, Albert

Dawson, Cecil

Merchant, Arthur


Day, Albert

Merchant, Ernest

Alcock, Cyril E

Dodd, William

Merchant, Sydney

Barnfield, Henry

Foxwell, Charles

Mills, John Noel

Birt, Maurice, Ernest

Foxwell, Herbert J

Mills, Robert Walter

Bridgeman, Percy

Foxwell, William

Mitchell, Charles

Bridgeman, William C

Fryer, George Powell

Monk, Albert Edward

Brown , John C

Gerrish, Ernest

Monk, Edgar

Burdock, Frederick

Gerrish, Frank

Musty, Edgar B

Canter, Joseph

Centre panels

On chapel side of the wood screen separating Chapel from Chancel

“The people blessed all the men that willingly offered themselves. Neh XI 2”

Heading at top of Memorial Board

“Roll of Honour of the Parish of Painswick”

“Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”


Barnfield, Harry

Ireland, Frederick James

Bayliss, Sidney

Ireland, John Francis

Birt, Frank

Jones, Albert

Birt, James William

King, Bertie

Burdock, Frank Elliot

King, Thomas Samuel

Carter, Arthur

Lane, William Alfred

Carter, Percival Edward

Mace, William James

Cooke, Gilbert

Messenger, Bertie

Cooke, William Harold

Mitchell, Samuel J.

Dredge, Alexander D.

Monk, Ernest John

Duxbury, Laurence

Monk, Herbert

Fisher, Harry

Noyes, Maurice

Foord, George Howard

Overs, Thomas

Gerrish, Frank

Prosser, Albert

Greenaway, Harry Lewis

Ridler, Norman James

Groves, Walter George

Smith, Robert Sydney

Hanks, Richard Hubert

Smith, Percy

Hawkins, William

Swain, Maurice Edward

Hayes, Edward

Swayne, Frederick C.

Higgens, Albert E.

Trow, Edward

Home, Cecil Henry

Want, William H J

Crane, Albert Edward




(left panels continued 1915)


Carter, Harry

Gyde, John Edward

Clack, George

Hollister-Short, H

Cooke, Percival D

Ireland, Alfred James

Cooke, Reginald

Ireland, Thomas

Daniels, Wilfred

Jackson, Albert S

Dee, Edward Owen

King, Edward

Duxbury, Benjamin

King, Frank

Ford, Albert Henry

Millard, Ernest F

Foxwell, David R

Mills, Alfred Lewis

Foxwell, Samuel D

Mills, Henry Charles

Fryer, Ralph R

Musgrove, Thomas G

Goulding, George

Musty, Joseph

 (The names highlighted in gold are inscribed in gold letters on the boards. These are the men who died in action. All other names are inscribed in black. These latter are the men who served their country but mercifully survived.)

Right – six panels

(1915 continued from centre panel)



Noyes, Albert George

Groves, Frank James

Merchant, Warneford H

Packman, John T

Gwynett, Leslie W

Millard, Edward

Ryland, Reginald T

Gyde, Frank

Monk, Sidney

Smith, Edward W

Holder, Victor

Reed, Edward T W

Swayne, Donald E

Holder, William

Robertson, William

Swayne, Harold

Knight, Henry

Ryland, Frank

Tombs, George

Knight, John

Ryland, Henry W

Tranter, Edmund O

Large, William

Ryland, Sidney Robert

Want, Albert Edward

Launder, William T

Ryland, Thomas

Webb, Ceil Charles

Luker, Albert Victor

Simmonds, Percy

West, Edwin Durham

Mills, Arthur Lewis

Smith, Arthur

Worgan, Stanley G

Monk, Peter

Swayne, Alfred


Monk, Philip

Sysum, Charles

Allen Harry

Monk, Walter Sidney

Trow, John

Barnfield, Ralph

Musty, Percy

Watts, Alfred Thomas

Barnfield, Walter

Paish, Charles

Wright, Archie T

Birt, Charles Sidney

Parkes, Stephen

Wright, Henry

Birt, David, Martin

Reed, Ethelbert W


Birt, Harold

Scrivens, Frank

Barnfield, William

Birt, Joseph

Steele, Harold W

Besant John

Birt, Robert

Tombs, Percy Edgar W

Birt, Louis

Birt, William

Vaughan, William E

Day, Ernest

Bloxham, Herbert B

West, Arthur

Fern, Walter

Cooke, George N

West, Charles

Hanks, Maurice

Cornock, John

West, Herbert

Harris, Frederick

Daniels, Arthur


Keene, Harold

Daniels, Charles

Birt, Cecil George

King, Thomas

Duxbury, Edward

Bradshaw, Harold

Lamort, George W

Everett, Frank W

Dorsett, George Henry

Larner, Cyril

Fern, John

Fern, Thomas

Mills, William

Fryer, Alfred William

Gould, Ernest James

Musgrove, John W

Fryer, John Benjamin

Grabham, Percy

Ryland, Edward

Gardner, Stanley R

Gyde, William Edward

Wilikins, Alfred

Gerrish, Harold James

Hale, Fred Gordon

Wright, William

Gerrish, William S

Ireland, Charles

Trigg, Ernest 1914

Gibbs, Herbert

Keene, Percy

Pearce, William 1917