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Holy Week Rota

  The Beacon Family of Churches  FINAL
HOLY WEEK  2024 
24th March Palm Sunday  Red
9.30am Pitchcombe Holy Communion (BCP)  David
11.00am Sheepscombe Holy Communion Andrew
11.00am Cranham Morning Worship Lay Led
11.00am Painswick Beacon Praise Liz + Paul + Sarah
25th March Holy Monday  Red
6.30pm Harescombe Compline Karen
26th March Holy Tuesday  Red
6.00pm Pitchcombe Evensong David
27th March Holy Wednesday  Red
6.30pm Edge Worship in Poetry and Music  Sarah
28th March Maundy Thursday  White
11.00am Gloucester Cathedral Eucharist & Blessing of Oils   
7.30pm Painswick Eucharist & Watch (to Andrew + Sarah
29th March Good Friday  Red
9.30am Sheepscombe Good Friday Devotion Liz
10.30am Painswick Procession of witness Andrew
2.00pm Painswick Good Friday Devotion Sarah
31st March Easter Sunday  Gold
9.30am Painswick with Pitchcombe Family Communion Liz + David 
11.00am Sheepscombe Family Communion Helen
11.00am Cranham Family Communion Sarah + Vics
11.00am Edge with Harescombe Family Communion Andrew + Karen
4.00pm Richmond Easter communion Sarah
6.30pm Painswick Evensong Andrew + Sue
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